saturday randoms and rosewater


This is what I wore on Saturday, a blue snake print blouse, jeans, and black rainbow sandals. I went to Dairy Queen and CVS to look around. The Oreo blizzard from DQ is SO good! From the pharmacy I picked up physicians formula mineral powder and I ended up getting it for half the price because it was on sale so that was great.

I heard rosewater is really good for your skin and since I have roses growing in my yard I thought I'd give making some of my own a try. I have been pouring some rosewater on a cotton pad and dabbing it on my face to help clear some pimples, I'll see how that goes. Now I want to search for more ways to use it up so I can make more. 

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  1. Food looks so good!! Heard great things about that mascara as well :)

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