Dressing Up Casual Outfits with Statement Earrings


When it comes to earrings I love wearing gorgeous statement pieces. My style is very casual and laidback so a statement earring is a perfect way to glam up my look! I've been having so much fun styling these two earrings I received from Happiness Boutique. They are both stunning and the quality is soo good! 

I loooove the contrast of wearing a luxe pair of chandelier earrings with jeans, a graphic tee, and sneakers - similar to what I wore here. Yesterday I wore a sweatshirt and leggings and then added my luxe chandelier earrings. I was going for a comfy and cozy look but wanted something else to make it girly and the earrings helped me achieve that! 

Today I'm wearing the black statement earrings with an oversized sweater and skinny jeans. I'll try to get photos in this outfit after work! What are your thoughts on my picks? Do you prefer statement or dainty earrings

Overall I'm super happy with the selection and quality of their pieces! I'm already looking forward to adding more of their jewelry to my collection. You can view all of their earrings here. I also have a coupon code to share with you all - use code SIMPLYNANCYBLOG to get 10% off your order over 19 euros. It expires exactly one month from today so you have until November 18th to use it! :)

Let me know if you try any of their jewelry! I'd love to know your thoughts Xx

MADEWELL vest (similar) | ALDO ankle boots | ZELLA leggings | H&M sweatshirt (similar here & here) | HAPPINESS BOUTIQUE chandelier earrings

Golden Latte


Today is one of those cold and sleepy mornings, where all I want to do is stay bundled up inside and sip on a hot drink. But I'm not going to let it be one of those unproductive days. I'm going to finish my breakfast, make a to-do list and get my day started! And today it's finally cold enough to wear a scarf! So there's my motivation to get dressed and out the door today haha.

Anyways, I have a super delicious and warming recipe to share with you all today. There's nothing better than a delicious latte to warm you up on chilly mornings! It's basically golden milk but with a pumpkin spice twist. Keep reading to see how easy it is to make!

1 cup milk - I use almond but coconut milk would be super delicious!
1 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tbsp of coconut oil
1 tsp honey
a pinch black pepper - This is optional but it's supposed to help boost the benefits of the turmeric.
1 tsp or more pumpkin spice powder (cinnamon, ginger, cloves & nutmeg)

Once you've gathered up all of the ingredients you're halfway done. All you have to do now is heat up the cup of milk and mix in the turmeric, pumpkin spice, coconut oil, and honey. Then stir it up with a spoon or milk frother. I love using a milk frother because it creates a nice foam at the top that you see on lattes! Finish it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top and you're done! See I told you it was easy (and delicious)! 

Let me know if you try it out and how you like it :)

Stay warm! xx

Girl Gang


How to Style a Graphic Tee - Allsaints leather jacket - adidas stan smith - ag legging ankle skinny jeans

life by her ashley brooke girl gang tee outfits
LIFEBYHER girl gang tee | ALLSAINTS leather jacket | AG jeans | BP bracelet | FOSSIL watch | ADIDAS shoes| H&M cap

Happy Monday loves! You may have seen this outfit over on my instagram a week or so ago. I had completely forgotten about it until I was looking through the folders on my computer last night. Graphic tees have been my favorite thing to wear lately. I mean you can never go wrong with a cute tee and a leather jacket! One of my favorite people on YouTube, Ashley Brooke (she has some great fashion videos!) released a couple of cute tees this month. I couldn't resist and had to snatch them up! This girl gang tee is the first one I bought and I wore it the very next day after I received it. I styled it with just a pair of skinny jeans, sneakers, a baker boy cap and a leather jacket. I also bought the NYC streets tee - you're going to love this one! Stay tuned to see how I style it later this week! :)

Friday Randoms


I'm loving plaid shirts right now. I love the ones that have a boyfriend fit so they are very roomy and perfect for leggings. 

 I've been spending a lot more time on Pinterest! It's perfect for finding outfit inspo! You can find my boards here
marble tray
I'm loooving this marble tray. I think the price is such a steal for the quality and how versatile it is. It goes with so many rooms... it's perfect for the bathroom counter to display skin care or even the living room for candles and decor. 

 A sweet smelling candle to get me into the fall mood!

suede mini skirt | aldo shoes
 Finding locations to shoot fall outfits. 

sneakers | jeans
Sneakers have been my go-to for this in between summer/fall weather. I'm over wearing sandals but booties seem like too much on some days so sneakers are the perfect in between! 

I just wanted to update the blog quickly before I go in to work. I'll update it with the links to everything tonight :)

Happy Friday! 

Borrowed from the Boys


borrowed from the boys - how to style your boyfriends button up shirt, how to style menswear

When I don’t know what to wear I’ll sometimes peek into my boyfriend’s closet and see what I could incorporate into my outfits. Whether it’s just a beanie or a button up shirt, I love the challenge of creating a feminine look around that one piece. This time I picked a dark green button up. The fit is perfectly over-sized so I rolled up the sleeves and tied a belt around my waist to bring back some shape. I paired it with a pair of super skinny jeans to bring some balance to the overall look. The heels are key to this outfit because they add that girly touch. And just for fun and because I’m obsessed I also threw on my baker boy hat. 

That’s not the only thing I love to borrow from the boys. If you haven’t already noticed, a lot of items that are marketed for women cost more. Pink tax is real, look it up. That’s why I love shopping in the men’s section for certain personal care items like deodorant or razors. So when Harry’s sent me their Winston set to try out I was super excited. My boyfriend has already been using their razors for a few months now and he had convinced me to give them a try. So as soon as I ran out of my usual brand I was going to go buy one. The timing couldn't have been more perfect - thank you Harry's! Keep reading until the end to learn how you can try one of their razors for free!

Why I Switched to Harry's Razors - A Review on Harry's

borrowed from the boys - how to style your boyfriends button up shirt, how to style menswear, baker boy hat outfits

borrowed from the boys - how to style your boyfriends button up shirt, how to style menswear

I received the Winston set which comes with a beautiful Winston handle, foaming shave gel, 3 blade cartridges, and a travel cover all for only $25. That is an amazing deal if you ask me! If you prefer a colorful handle they also have the Truman set for only $15 which you can find here.  

What I love about Harry’s razors is that they’re much cheaper than most razor brands yet they don’t compromise on quality or design. I don’t need my razors to be cute or girly as long as they work well but being beautifully designed is a plus! But the major selling point for me is that I can buy a 4 count of blades for only $8 compared to around $15 from the brand I used to use!

Now for the best part! All my readers can try out the Truman trial set for free! It comes with the Truman razor, travel foaming shave gel, and travel blade. All you have to do is pay a few dollars for shipping. If you try it out or already use Harry's let me know what you think down in the comments!  :)

Happy shaving! 

Harry's razors review and thoughts on the Winston set

PS -You can even find Harry's at Target. So next time you're in there stocking up on essentials you can also grab a Harry's razor for yourself or your boyfriend for just under $10!