My New Hair


I did it! I said buh-bye to my long hair! I was smiling the whole drive home because it feels good to make these small (but in a way still big) changes. It feels a little weird not having all that hair but I love it! I'll take better pictures of it soon. I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

Transitioning My Favorite Summer Clothes Into Fall


transitioning summer wardrobe into fall

how to wear a floral romper

transitioning into fall outfit

mohair cardigan and lace up sandals outfit
Rue 21 romper, LOVE this one! // H&M cardigan // Madewell sandals // H&M handbag

Hi guys! Remember my fall to-do list? I have already started crossing things off!  Yesterday I did number 3. It was so much fun! I'm already looking forward to going on more picnics! And today, in three hours to be exact, I'll be sitting in a salon chair getting my hair cut! I've been pinning hair pictures (on Pinterest) like crazy to show my hair stylist what I want. I'll post pictures of my new hair on here as soon as I can but I still have a few more outfits with my long hair left to post. Follow me on instagram (@simplynancyblog) or on snapchat (simplyynancy) if you want to see sooner :)

A great way to transition into fall is by wearing your favorite summer pieces and layering up with a scarf or cardigan. That's what I did yesterday. I wanted to get more use out of my floral romper before it starts getting too chilly. I wore my grey fuzzy cardigan on top and it was instantly cozier. So don't put away all your favorite summer pieces just yet! For more ideas on how to wear cardigans right now? Check here

Fall To-Do List


1. Drink my first pumpkin spice latte. I tried it for the first time ever this weekend so I can cross this off my list! It wasn't as amazing as I had imagined. How do you guys like it?

2. Start going to the gym again. It's been too long since my last workout! 

3. Have a picnic on a cool & sunny day. 

4. Get my hair cut! (Appointment is already made for next week!)

5. Take a trip to explore the beautiful mountains!

6. Burn a lovely fall candle. I found one at bath & body works called 'pumpkin pecan waffles' and it smells SO good! I'm waiting for a cool and rainy evening to burn it.

7. Donate/ sell old clothes. It always feels good to get rid of clothes I don't wear anymore, plus I have to make room for the new stuff somehow, right? :)

8. Take more walks in the park.

9. Bake something. Ideally something with pumpkin and yummy smelling spices!

10. Say yes more often! Fall is a time of new beginnings so let's all say yes to trying new things. :)

And before you go, here's a quote...

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Candle - bath & body works

Olive Green Utility Dress & Stan Smiths


olive green utility dress and stan smith sneakers

olive green utility dress and stan smith sneakers

olive green utility dress and stan smith sneakers

olive green utility dress and stan smith sneakers

olive green utility dress and stan smith sneakers

olive green utility dress and stan smith sneakers
American Eagle dress, similar herehere // H&M scarf, black version here // Adidas shoes // Fossil watch 

This utility dress is one of the items I included in my five things I can't wait to wear post. It's one of my most favorite fall colors - olive green! I love that it's a dress but it is long sleeved so I can wear it comfortably on chilly days. I just have to layer it with a warm scarf and jacket! Today it was windy enough to wear my most worn scarf from last year over it! I kept the look laid back by wearing it with my stan smiths. What do you all think about this look? And I've got to know if you love olive green as much as I do! :)

Need more outfit inspiration? Check out these lovely ladies

5 Things I Can't Wait to Wear


(bought last year, similar here)

(almost sold out, but similar here)

(mohair cardigan here)

(black jeans, cargo pant bought last year, similar here)

A few of the items in my closet I can't wait to wear...

1. Black suede booties. They will go with everything in my closet and I love the suede texture during the cooler months!

2. Light beige sweater with lacing in the front. I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it is already sold out online. Lace up is such a huge trend right now and I'm loving it!

3. Fuzzy oversized cardigan. This is the item in my closet that I'm most excited to wear! This cardigan, my black ripped jeans, a tee and those booties will probably be a go-to lazy outfit for me!

4. Olive button front dress. I could already wear this now but I want to wear it with my big wool scarf so that will have to wait...

5. Black jeans & army green pants. Black is the best pants color for fall in my opinion! It goes with everything and it makes you look put together. Army green is a close second. :)